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Beall-Magruder Family Papers

Identifier: P-0002
Scope and Contents This collection consists of the research and correspondence papers of Wm. Hunter McLean on Alexander Beall (1649-1744) of Maryland and Samuel Magruder (1654-1711) of Maryland. It is also on the families of Drs. Frank C. Beall & K. Heberden Beall and Van Zandt Beall. The lines are recorded with the National Society of Colonial Dames of America in the state of Texas (Beall); National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century (Beall) and Society of Colonial Wars (Magruder). Hunter McLean published...
Dates: Unknown

Benbrook News

Identifier: C-0064
Scope and Contents Note The Benbrook News collection begins with a single edition from August 10, 2000 and continues through May 30, 2013. Some issues are missing from the collection. The collection measures 3.25 linear feet (9 boxes).
Dates: 2000 - 2013

Benge Family Papers

Identifier: P-0106
Scope and Content The collection is primarily composed of documents relating to Sharon and William D. Benge. They are long-time patrons of the arts in North Texas. She is a producer and director of plays, as well as a planner and coordinator of large events. He is a marketing and public relations businessman with a wide range of talents. This collection, which represents the broad spectrum of performing arts in the North Texas region, includes memorabilia, programs, photographs, legal documents, and various...
Dates: 1958 - 2005

Bertha A. Reames Papers

 Collection — Box: 9
Identifier: W-0054
Scope and Contents The collection consists primarily of photo albums of a travels to various annual meetings of the Grand Council of the Ladies' Oriental Shrine of North America. The photo albums are arranged by approximate date.
Dates: 1949 - 1994

Betty Randels Papers

Identifier: W-0053
Scope and Description The Randels Papers consists of 7 boxes or 2.75 linear feet of materials. The collection includes biographical materials, photographs, scrapbooks, and awards. When possible the collection was left in the original order received and using any established folder titles or scrapbook notations. Comprehensive dates for the collection are 1916-2010 with the bulk of the materials 1939-1990.
Dates: 1916 - 2010

Bishop R. E. Ranger Papers

Identifier: P-0068
Scope and Contents Note The Bishop R. E. Ranger Papers contain photographs, books, cards and awards. The materials date from 1924-1992. The collection contains items Bishop R. E. Ranger acquired while pastoring as well as materials he collected about his wife, Blanche Ranger.
Dates: 1924 - 1992

Blue Family Manuscript

Identifier: P-0080
Scope and Contents This collection consists of materials on the Blue Family collected by Chaplain Frank Blue of the River Oaks Volunteer Fire Department, in River Oaks, Texas. He collected the Blue Family Association newsletter, pedigree charts and other materials and he then numbered the items. The collection is kept in the same order except it is divided into eight folders.
Dates: undated

Bob Martin Papers

Identifier: P-0070
Scope and Contents Note The Bob Martin Papers contain brochures, booklets, and a newspaper article.
Dates: 1960 - 1974

The Bohemian

Identifier: C-0066
Scope and Contents The library has all five volumes of The Bohemian and a souvenir edition. The Bohemian is also available on microfiche and the Fort Worth Library Digital Archives Collection.
Dates: 1899 - 1904

Bonds Ranch and Burnett Family Photographs

Identifier: P-0071
Scope and Description This collection consists of approximately 130 black and white snapshots of family and ranch life in Tarrant County. The subjects are Mr. Burnett, his family, and scenes around the Bonds ranch. The photographs range in size from 2”X 2” to 6 ½ X 3 ½”. They reflect the working life of a medium sized Texas cattle ranch in the mid 20th Century. Although the photographs are undated, internal evidence suggests they range from the 1910s and ‘20s to the mid 1970s.
Dates: 1910 - 1979

Bonnie Brae Neighborhood Association

Identifier: R-0053
Scope and Contents The collection consists entirely of BBNA newsletters dating from 1997 to 2013. Please note that years 2001 and 2002 were both marked as volume 7 and issue numbers repeated. The materials measure .4 linear feet (1 box).
Dates: 1997 - 2013

Boyce House Papers

Identifier: P-0036
Scope and Contents This collection consists of materials pertaining to Boyce House, author and humorist. It contains books, articles, programs, and clippings related to Boyce House, including his "I Give You Texas" column.
Dates: 1862 - 1962

Brown Family Papers

Identifier: P-0078
Scope and Contents The Brown Family Papers consist of family photographs, slides, correspondence, yearbooks, and memorabilia. The materials date from 1906 – 1996 and measure 2.50 linear feet (6 boxes). The first series, Correspondence (1946-1982), consists of letters and postcards. The second series, Photographs and Negatives (ca. 1950s), consists of family photographs. The third series, Slides (1951-1973), consists of slides of the family. Many of the original slides developed...
Dates: 1906 - 1996

Burchill Family Papers

Identifier: W-0009
Scope and Contents The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, clippings, photographs, and other documents pertaining to the Burchill Family of Fort Worth.
Dates: 1882 - 1896

Burroughs-Cetti Family Papers

Identifier: P-0083
Scope and Contents The collection consists of documents relating to his service in the Civil War and membership in Grand Army of the Republic. Another interesting document is an example of a passport issued in 1859 to Charles Lane. Folders 7 to 14 consists of recommendations for memberships in Red Cross Lodge, No. 14, Knights of Pythias, Fort Worth, Texas. These are arranged in chronological order.
Dates: 1859 - 1897

Byers/Buckley/Hicks Family Papers

Identifier: P-0082
Scope and Contents The Byers/Buckley/Hicks Family Papers consist of the Byers Family Bible, yearbooks, genealogy charts, certificates, funeral books, and historic newspapers. The materials date from 1878 – 2005 and measure 1.0 linear feet (4 boxes). The first series, the Byers Family Bible (1878-2005), consists of the Byers Family Bible and the loose materials found between the pages, including family history material and photographs. The second series, Genealogy Charts (n.d.), consists of...
Dates: 1878 - 2005

Byrd Williams Photography

Identifier: C-0004
Scope and Contents The Byrd Williams Papers consists of photographs, publications, and some gallery exhibit materials. The majority of the photographs were taken by Byrd Williams IV; also there are a few photographs that are attributed to Byrd Williams II and Byrd Williams III.
Dates: 1910 - 2010

Cadenhead Construction Company Records

Identifier: R-0036
Dates: 1947 - 1993

Cady Family Record Book

Identifier: P-0037
Scope and Contents This collection consists of a record book of the Cady Family.
Dates: Undated

Carl Venth Papers

Identifier: P-0065
Dates: 1915 - 1959

Carlin Art Galleries

Identifier: W-0013
Scope and Contents This collection consists of materials dealing with the Carlin Art Galleries from its beginnings in 1959 to its closing in 1990. Her shop was one of the first private galleries in Texas dedicated to art, predating both the Kimbell and the Amon Carter Museums. Mrs. Carlin was especially interested in artists from Fort Worth and the Southwest, but these papers also contain a large amount of material related to the larger art world. She was a pioneer in the presentation of Eskimo art and was one of...
Dates: 1959 - 1987

Carter-Riverside Neighborhood Association

Identifier: R-0081
SCOPE AND CONTENT The collection consists of a single box of newsletters, The Riverside Pride, dating from 2000 to 2007 Please note that no year contains a complete volume; issues are missing from each year. The collection measures .4 linear feet (1 box).
Dates: 2000 - 2007

Casa Mañana Playhouse Scrapbooks

Identifier: C-0020
Scope and Description The collection consists of thirty scrapbooks dated from 1957 to 1997 which include newspaper clippings, programs, brochures, photographs and other information pertaining to the performances and to the activities of the playhouse.
Dates: 1957 - 1997

Casa Mañana Programs

Identifier: C-0021
Scope and Contents The collection consists of programs for theatre productions performed at Casa Mañana and other associated venues. The materials date from 1958-2015, and the extent of the collection is 5 boxes (2 linear feet).
Dates: 1958 - 2015

Castle Family Papers

Identifier: P-0038
Scope and Contents This collection consists of a binder on the Castle Family and related families. The binder was divided into eight parts and the items consist mainly of family group sheets, but also include photographs, clippings, etc.
Dates: Undated

Cato Sells Papers

Identifier: P-0059
Scope and Contents This collection consists of speeches, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and other materials pertaining to Cato Sells.
Dates: 1920 - 1929

Centennial Celebration Committee

Identifier: R-0011
Scope and Contents This collection consists of materials relating to the Centennial Celebration Committee which was appointed by the City Council on October 25, 1972 to plan appropriate events in recognition of the City of Fort Worth's 100th Birthday. The collection consisted of some loose items and a binder. The material in the binder is located in folders 11-30 and was arranged in the same order as the binder. The loose items are in the first ten folders.
Dates: 1972 - 1973

Charles Stone Manuscript

Identifier: P-0063
Scope and Contents This collection consists of a manuscript by Charles Stone entitled A Collection of History-Data Pertinent to Fort Worth, Texas and related materials. The original manuscript is in folders 5-10. He added additional materials during the years but his numbering system was inconsistent. The additional parts of the manuscript or generally arrange by the first date on the manuscript except for folders 11 and 12 which followed the page numbers. The correspondence with...
Dates: 1987 - 1993

Chester Johnson Papers

Identifier: P-0006
Scope and Contents Note The Chester Johnson Papers consist of genealogical research from both the United States and Korea. Also included are newspaper clippings and books which reflect Mr. Johnson’s interest in anthropology and coin and stamp collecting. Materials are in English and Korean. The materials date from 1967-1998 and measure 5.6 linear feet (17 boxes). The collection is divided into nine series. The first series, Genealogy (1967-1998), consists of research on the Shiflett, Dunning, Plummer...
Dates: 1967 - 1998

The Children’s Hour Magazine

Identifier: C-0108
Scope and Contents This collection contains issues of The Children’s Hour. Included are issues from January-October and December 1869, 1870 (various months), and 1871 (various months). The collection is arranged by date and measures .2 linear feet (1 box).
Dates: 1869 - 1871